Beam ABA Services

Beam works with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and other complex behavioural needs. We use ABA therapy to bring about meaningful and purposeful change in behaviour, growing an individual’s independence and enhancing their experience of the world. Beam offers a range of services aimed at making ABA accessible to more families in the UK. Our clinical team work with individuals across early intervention, school, university and transition years.

We provide a full clinical team of BCBA Consultants, ABA Supervisors and Behaviour Support Therapists (ABA Tutors). Our staff are highly qualified, fully trained and inspired to help improve the lives of young people with challenging behaviour.

Our home-based ABA progammes are delivered by our clinical team in family homes and within the community and priced at an all-inclusive hourly rate (available in London, Manchester & Birmingham).

Our online ABA programmes are delivered by parents or carers with programme set up, ongoing guidance and mentoring from a BCBA Consultant via video calls and email. Priced from £250 per month (available UK-wide).

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