Coleg Elidyr

Opportunities and support for learning and personal development at Coleg Elidyr span daily education sessions and residential living environments. House managers and the Heads of programmes work closely to ensure students are given every opportunity to flourish.

College life is underpinned by our commitment to Total Communication. This ensures all students are given every opportunity to understand and to be understood. A breadth of communication resources and approaches along with a recognition of individual communication needs and preferences, not only empowers individuals to maximise their achievements at College but ensures that individuals are best prepared for post-college adult living and the challenges that may bring.

The curriculum at Coleg Elidyr was originally inspired by the educational and social philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and Karl König. It emphasises experiential, practical learning and offers a blend of practical skills, arts and crafts and skills for independent living that aims to enable the learner to move from doing to understanding and from experience to knowledge. Through living, learning and working together, each individual has the opportunity to develop his or her own skills and abilities and can grow in self -esteem and confidence. Work experiences on the college site and with local businesses and organisations are integral to each individual’s timetable.

Each student follows a personalised learning programme according to their own abilities, needs and aspirations. Coleg Elidyr Camphill communities currently offers two formal programmes through the Foundation Education programme and the Trainee and Transition programme. We provide up to 52 weeks per annum residential provision on the College site and in Victoria House in nearby Llangadog. We also provide supported living opportunities through our wholly-owned subsidiary company Towy Valley Care.

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