Danshell Group

Launched in 2010 the Danshell Group has rapidly expanded with the acquisition of specialist hospitals and residential services to create a portfolio of thirty centres across England and Scotland.

Positioning ourselves as a contemporary provider of health and social care for adults, the group’s extended range of services incorporates a number of key specialisms delivered by dedicated, passionate and professional care teams. Every service within the Danshell Group works closely with families, referrers, statutory authorities, other stakeholders and the service users to ensure transparency in everything that we do. Danshell Group is headquartered in Manchester Square, London with a regional office in York.

The Danshell Group consists of:

20 dedicated services across England and Scotland for service users aged 18 to 65 living with learning disabilities
Four specialist services for adults with autism or an Autistic Spectrum Condition
Our model of care is outlined in the Personal PATHS framework.

Personal PATHS is a unique way of supporting people with complex needs in health and social care and based on research and best practice. Personal PATHS draws together into a cohesive model of care, contemporary thinking and practice and importantly, reflects what people and families tell us is important to them.

At Danshell we believe that we must be fully accountable to those we serve, their families and to those who commission services on their behalf. In order to do this we have described what we do in a straightforward and transparent manner based on 5 key principles. These 5 key principles form the foundation stones of our model of care and are:

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