Our bespoke app service was developed to provide one platform for several types of help aids commonly used to help individuals with special educational needs and disabilities. Rather than carrying around and having to replicate large books across the home and school environment, the administrator can create an account with variations of all of the help aids the user accesses and provide it to the user in the form of a mobile app. The content of the app is private only to those who have been sent a link directly from the app. Content can be edited quickly and updates automatically, providing the user with seamless access to the app.

The app can be downloaded across several devices giving parents the ability to send their children to school, the doctor, or to another family member and they could have access to exactly the same help guides. No more duplicating large social story binders, no more re-organising PECS cards or first and next boards to match a copy used elsewhere. The app gives the administrator the ability to update the app across all devices it is used on at once.

The bespoke SEND app service was developed by a member of our development team who is a parent of a child who is on the autism spectrum. The service has been built with the intention of having the ability to provide as many help aids to the user in one place. Having a parent of a child with additional needs on our team has given us a greater insight into how to best integrate features for mass use, but also have the ability to tailor features to suit a particular individuals specific needs. Using the service with her own child provided us with an insight to how our service could help so many users and change so many lives. In many ways, this is not just our business – but this is our life.

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