Research Autism

Research Autism is the only UK charity exclusively dedicated to research into interventions in autism.

Established in 2003 as the Autism Intervention Research Trust, we carry out high quality, independent research into new and existing health, education, social and other interventions. Our goal is the improvement of quality of life and outlook for the individuals affected and those around them.

We have the active support of some of the world’s leading figures in autism and research. They have given freely of their time and expertise to work with us. We also work closely with our research sponsor, the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, as well as with other organisations such as the National Autistic Society.

As far as possible, we also try to work with individuals on the autism spectrum, carers, service providers and policy makers to make sure that our research addresses real issues and that it makes a significant difference to people’s lives.

We receive generous financial support from a range of organisations and individuals. The support we receive from them is freely given and does not influence the editorial policy of this site.

Please consider getting involved with us and help us to continue our vital work. By acting today you can make a difference tomorrow!

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