People with additional needs sometimes find it hard to face new environments, interact with other people or be part of a team, which can cause frustration, anxiety and low self-esteem. Skiing and snowboarding allows our students to learn new skills and progress at their own pace; there are no complex rules, just a repetitive pattern that not only improves fitness and balance, but increases confidence, giving every student an overall sense of achievement and pride.

At Snowbility, everything is about our students; we take the time to understand each personality, enabling their natural abilities and talents to shine through. Students will benefit from a number of newfound skills that can be taken from the slopes to enhance everyday life:

  • Social interaction: The ability to communicate and interact easily with two or more individuals
  • Self-confidence: Self-belief and increased self-esteem
  • Concentration: The ability to focus attention on one particular activity
  • Motor skills: Co-ordination to learn a sequence of movements
  • Fitness levels, nutrition and diet: Increased fitness and overall health to fulfil a particular activity
  • Listening skills: The ability to take notice, understand and act on what someone says
  • Motivation: The desire and willingness to do something with a positive outlook.
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