The Thomas Centre

The Thomas Centre works on the following principles:

  • Why should those who care for those with special needs not be able to enjoy five star facilities? (We are parents ourselves and we like to enjoy good quality facilities).
  • We believe that holidays are for the whole family, for the whole group, not just those individuals with special needs. (After all, we spend most of the year planning for that person in our lives with special needs and we could all do with a break).
  • The more that parents and carers can relax, the better able everyone will feel able to return to the battles ahead.(Or put another way, if everyone has a good holiday then everyone benefits).

We could not find these things when our children were younger and this was why we have built The Thomas Centre.

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, you may have found the holiday destination that you have been looking for … The Thomas Centre, near the Lincolnshire coast …  Specialists in providing the best holiday facilities possible …  For families and groups like ours.

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