Autism Reality Experience

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Enter the Autism Reality Experience on stand A22, to gain a new perspective on the sensory processing difficulties faced by autistic children and adults. The experience is fully immersive, interactive and a must for anyone who lives or works with an autistic person.

Sensory processing difficulties can have a profound impact on a person’s ability to manage day to day living. This feature enables you to experience what sensory overload might feel like using specialist equipment and a simulated environment. You will be required to carry our some basic tasks, as well as manage the effects of sensory overload. Your actions and behaviours during the experience will be carefully monitored and analysed by specially trained facilitators. Their feedback, and your reflections, can shine a light on the practical changes you can make to improve the lives of those you care for, support or teach.

This innovative feature is changing how neurotypical people view sensory processing difficulties and has been widely commissioned by the NHS, schools and care providers.

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