Awesometistic Super Car

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Visit the Awesometistic Super Car on stand B15 with your autistic young person, to find empathy, inspiration and positivity at the heart of The Autism Show.

While sitting in the drivers seat and having their picture taken, Richie Bow Grace and his team from Awesometistic, will engage with the young person, building their confidence and encouraging them to share their feelings around autism. This might be the first time they’ve spoken about their needs and the start of viewing autism in a more hopeful and positive light.

Awesometisitc have visited over 250 schools across the UK to spread the message that “Autism can be awesome” and “It’s okay to be me”.

As Richie says, “When we learn to voice our own needs, we begin to start believing in ourselves”.

For more information follow Awesometistic on facebook @Awesometistic, email, call 07388 543540 or visit

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