Cubbie – Personalised Sensory Regulation

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Discover Cubbie – Personalised Sensory Regulation (PSR), a new and better way to help autistic people and those with sensory needs.

Cubbie is an easy-to-use, immersive personal space of sound and vision for students with sensory needs, driven by software and wheelchair friendly.

In a Cubbie, students can be effectively regulated in 5, 10 or 15 minutes with a Sensory Sprint, preventing sensory overloads and enabling them to quickly return to their classrooms.

On average, schools report that before using a Cubbie, they could only manage to regulate a maximum of four students a day. However following Cubbie’s introduction, they have often been able to increase this number to more than twenty. What’s more, the Cubbie has quickly become an accepted part of school life and has helped autistic students, in particular, feel positively included.

Designed by the father of two autistic children, frustrated by the lack of effective sensory support and technology in Ireland, he set about coming up with a solution himself. Cubbie has rapidly grown in Ireland and is now available to schools in the UK.

Visit stand D8 to see Cubbie in action and learn how it’s benefiting the lives of autistic pupils from its creator, David McIntyre.

Click HERE to watch a short video of Cubbie’s story so far.

For more information call 0858819793, email or visit