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Visit Motability Central with Bristol Street Motors, and discover whether you are eligible to join the Motability Scheme and look forward to exchanging your mobility allowance for a lease on a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair. Bristol Street Motors’ specialist Motability staff will talk you through your options, taking into consideration your specific circumstances and needs, and provide a choice of quality vehicles which best suit you.

Bristol Street Motors is an experienced dealership, offering cars from a huge range of manufacturers. They have the necessary facilities, team, and deals to make you feel comfortable in choosing a Motability car, whatever body style you’re looking for.

As a Motability scheme member, you’ll be entitled to complementary maintenance, MOT testing, and servicing throughout your lease period. This means that a lease doesn’t just get you the car of your choice, but also ensures that it will be running smoothly and safely. Plus, as the price is included in your lease details, you’ll never have to pay any unexpected fees.

Bristol Street are confident that they can find you a Motability car which you’ll love!

For more information call 0330 042 2617, email or visit

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