One to One Clinics

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Access specialist clinicians, therapists and advisors in the One to One Clinics. Sessions last for 30 minutes unless otherwise stated at the time of booking.

To book a session, please visit the Clinic Ticket Office located beside the One to One Clinics in the exhibition hall. Due to demand, sessions are restricted to one per ticket per day and are offered on a first come, first served basis.

In this clinic we can assist parents/carers with requesting a statutory needs assessment, reviewing a draft EHC Plan, the Annual Review process, SEND Tribunal appeals regarding Local Authority decisions/the contents of Final EHC Plans once issued, as well as provide advice if a Local Authority fails to make the provision in Section F of the EHCP.

For more information call 0117 939 0350, email, or visit

Many children with autism have sleep difficulties such as trouble settling to sleep at bedtime, night waking or early morning waking.

Dr Jill McGarry is an experienced consultant clinical psychologist who has a passion for helping people sleep better. She firmly believes that every person has a unique need when it comes to sleep, and she focuses on working out the contributing factors leading to the sleep problem before suggesting solutions. Jill has over 30 years’ experience in supporting people’s psychological wellbeing and can integrate additional therapies to support these needs.

For more information, call 07768 068070, email, or visit

As parents of children on the autism spectrum we understand that you will have questions about the best way to secure their financial future, especially once you’re no longer around. From our experience we also know that it can be difficult to find good quality advice that meets your specific circumstances and needs. Our free 30-minute clinic will provide you with that guidance and advice. Estate Planning Solutions are a very experienced and highly qualified Will writing and Estate Planning company, working nationwide. We are specialists in using trusts to protect both your wealth and your loved ones. We pride ourselves in offering our clients advice and guidance in a professional but friendly, jargon-free way and making it easy, convenient and affordable for you to put your affairs in order.

For more information call 0800 781 6658, email, or visit

This clinic offers practical advice on all aspects of distressed behaviour, with a focus on why a behaviour is happening and how it might be supported effectively.

Carly Steel is a former teacher and educational leader, with 14 years experience in the field and a Masters degree (MEd) in autism. She is also autistic herself, giving her a rare and valuable insight into the autistic experience.

For more information call 0800 781 6658, email, or visit

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