Sensory Room

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Explore the Sensory Room created by Mike Ayres Design and OM Interactive, to discover the latest in sensory design and technology.

Mike Ayres is a professional designer with 30 years experience in creating equipment and environments for people with special needs. He has worked on multi-sensory concepts, environments and products for care and education.

Mike continues to work on new concepts for whole buildings, individual environments and products, working with architects, project teams, educationalists and professionals in the caring industry. He aims to design and produce the very best equipment and environments for people with special needs and to enable everyone to function successfully in an inclusive environment.

For more information call 01359 251 551, email, or visit

OMi is a pioneer in the design, development and supply of gesture-controlled interactive technology for the Education, Health, Special Needs and Leisure sectors.

Gesture–controlled technology is the art and science of combining images, colour, movement and sounds to create motion activated solutions for virtual reality, physical therapy, multisensory stimulation and immersive play.

OMi systems provide an incredibly powerful tool that can inspire and engage the people in your care in ways that were previously not possible. Participants have fun whilst learning which results in a significant and sustainable improvement in their physical and cognitive abilities.

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